There’s a start to every story….

This is my very first blog, in fact my very first post. Today i’m going to start by telling you a little about myself and how my diagnosis came about.

From the top…. as long as I can remember I’ve always been a lover of food so much so I worked in a restaurant (my first job out of school, and unknowingly my career  for the next eight years) unfortunately with the hospitality industry comes the long hours…. and with the long hours comes tiredness, malnourishment and total unhealthiness!  Until I got offered a job as an assistant manager in a small dental practice on the island of Anglesey in North wales. A fresh start, with normal hours and a chance to become healthier overall. How could I say no?

It took a while to get used to the early mornings, but I soon became a lover of dinner at 6pm and having the weekends off. Not long after, I started to feel rather sluggish and I struggled with cramps and going to the toilet. Something I brushed off as “lady problems” or eating food a little out of date (something I’ve always been guilty of).


This went on for a couple of months and I never thought of visiting the doctors, until one day I had a stye on my eye, I’ve always had these but nothing like this one (as you can see in the picture, not a pretty sight) this forced me to go and get medical advice. I ended up mentioning my poorly tummy and they took blood tests and I gave the dreaded stool sample (they were checking for everything) A few days later I called back for my results, to which I was told “the doctor needs to see you”. This filled me with worry over the whole weekend, Tuesday came around and I sat in the waiting room with my partner, sweaty palms  and a swollen eye, a nervous wreck.

As my appointment time came and passed, my nerves got worse and worse, for a reason I didn’t know myself. I was called in and the first thing the doctor mentioned was my belly, and how nothing came up in the stool sample. Then, in the next breath she mentioned my blood results and how they’d found the cause of the problem. The two magic words… COELIAC DISEASE!!!

To tell a long story short, the doctor said that I do have coeliac disease, but I am awaiting my endoscopy and a visit to the clinic before I start my Gluten Free diet 🙂

My intention with this blog, is to be a shoulder for anyone with coeliac to lean on, to talk freely about their problems, or for anyone who is just cutting gluten out of their diet to become healthier. Offer advice and share my experiences, review different foods and hopefully find a cheaper and easier way of living absolutely hassle (and gluten) free 🙂❤️



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