Everybody loves cake πŸŽ‚

Well, yesterday I turned 25… and you can’t have a birthday without a cake… so my partner surprised me with the best cake ever!
It’s  a shame it’s so beautiful that I don’t want to cut it but I absolutely cannot wait to eat my body weight in cake (then suffer for days hehe) This will be my last normal birthday cake but I’m excited to start my gluten free life now. I’ve been busy researching recipes and so have my family. They’ve been looking at different foods and brill restaurants that have plenty of options. 

As a last little gluten splurge my partner booked me a surprise trip to Milan (we go on Wednesday) Italy is one of my favourite countries to visit and pizza one of my favourite foods to eat… but a scary thought for future holidays as I don’t know how many options the country has for a ceoliac sufferer. I’m intrigued to know and maybe speak to a few local restaurants about the ever-growing gluten free trend and how it affects them. As I’ve worked in a restaurant I know that as this trend has taken off people with coeliac disease may not be taken as seriously as they should, and this I want to get to the bottom of. 

I can’t wait to explore all of the options and different things having this disease will bring… 

E ❀️

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